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Thread: Ohio PD Officer Singleton gets it

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    Ohio PD Officer Singleton gets it

    Just got this sent to me from a friend. Why can't we hear more of this, in general, and here in WI particularly?

    Regarding the NDAA passage

    And in those few words lies a conundrum, do we as police officers, sheriffs, deputies and others who have taken the oath to uphold and defend the constitution, now turn our back on that very oath? Do we now turn against the very same people that entrusted us with a most sacred duty to serve and protect them? If in fact we follow a rule of law such as this bill enacts, it would mean that the oath that we all took meant nothing. We are obliged to follow all lawful orders given to us, but we cannot do this blindly.

    Anybody have any links/stories of actual public servants that actually and actively respect citizens rights? I know there are many out there who do, but so seldom do they get heard of, or from.

    Feel free to chime in! Only costs 2 cyber pennies to do so.

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    Well this certainly could turn into a big deal. I'm heartened by the letter.

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    my uncle worls for the juneau county sherrifs dept and he told me one time when i was at his house he and most of his fellow workers understand and have no problem with armed citizens

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