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Thread: Will McDonnell be an acceptable candidate for gun owners?

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    Will McDonnell be an acceptable candidate for gun owners?

    Well, let's see how the Governor defend our right to defend ourselves this Session.

    Will VA’s McDonnell be an acceptable candidate for gun owners?
    Here’s what McDonnell is telling us if he thinks it is legitimate to ban law-abiding and peaceable adults from having the means of self-defense on college campuses: If the excuses for doing so are valid there, they are valid anywhere. If college campuses are safer being “gun free,” then that principle must hold true everywhere--unless we are to believe crossing an invisible property line puts us under a magic spell where we suddenly lose the self control, morality and judgment we exhibit everywhere else, only to miraculously regain them when we exit the premises…

    By this one statement of tyrannical arrogance, McDonnell has revealed himself to be a manipulator without principle, a totally unacceptable choice for gun owners, and, in fact, a greater danger to their freedoms than an outright gungrabber, because this charlatan first uses the fraud of gaining their confidence so he can get into a position to knife them bad and make it stick.
    -- David Codrea

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    Sounds spot on.

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