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Thread: Need help!!! Where is it SIG P250 subcompact???

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    Need help!!! Where is it SIG P250 subcompact???

    Hi everyone!
    For several weeks I have been looking for a SIG P250 subcompact 9mm, Nitron slide finish, Contrast site, medium grip size. It can also come as two-tone, with stainless steel slide finish. I am fine with that too. Through a local dealer (I am living in Jamestown, KY) I couldn't find this gun anywhere. It is out of stock everywhere. The only place my dealer could find it only has one magazine that comes with it but I didn't want to buy it because I saw on you tube reviews where a guy had bought it with 3 magazines included, and that was this past fall. If anyone has any info, web address, phone no., post address of store or similar where I can find this gun I will be thankful.

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    SIG Sauer P250

    I read your description of the SIG P250. The P250 is SIG's "modular" pistol configuration meaning that it usually comes in a "2 pack", usually with a full-size frame and a compact frame in the box, the trigger (fire control) is modular and can therefore be interchanged between frames along with the barrel and slide assembly. Granted, I've also seen them sold as a single weapon without the dual frame and slides.

    As for the exact pistol you mentioned, my best advice would be to contact SIG Sauer directly to custom order the exact pistol you're seeking, that or contact other gun stores.

    Off the cuff, I found this one, it says it's a Compact frame but it looks a big too big to be a Compact frame to me.
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