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Thread: SB 389: Pneumatic gun ordinances.

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    SB 389: Pneumatic gun ordinances.

    SB 389: Pneumatic gun ordinances.

    Pneumatic gun ordinances. Allows localities to enact an ordinance to prohibit the possession of pneumatic guns on school property, at school functions held on public property, and on school buses. The bill further provides that an ordinance may not prohibit possession or use of a pneumatic gun by law-enforcement officers or as part of the school's curriculum or activities.

    At first I was worried this may be an attempt to repeal the air-gun ordinance from last year, but no.

    This allows a locality to enact an ordinance to prohibit pneumatic guns from any school property. I would be opposed to this, as it flies in the face of the intent of 15.2-915, which is to standardize gun laws across the state. If pneumatic guns should be prohibited from school property, then they should be prohibited state-wide. I would have thought they already were, to be honest...


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    They are specifically exempted in the CC statute TFred and that would include Tasers.
    Bad Bill!

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