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    coming up

    hello, im coming up to Indianapolis tomo and im 18 and open carry i live in kentucky and im wondering if there is anything special i should know about open carrying there when im 18. i know your state and my state honor each other with the oc and cc. but is there anything i should know about open carring in my car.

    do i have to do anything special so i wont get in trouble if i get pulled over?
    i know ohio i have to keep my gun unloaded and my clips

    what about your state?

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    ^ Do you have some sort of carry permit? Since KY does not issue them to those under 21 you don't have theirs. I'm under 18 and I have permits from Maine and North Dakota. I'd suggest if you want to carry in Indiana in the future you get a Maine permit. If you looking to have better reciprocity get the Maine permit then the New Hampshire permit. That gives you fairly good reciprocity until you can get a KY permit.
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    You can carry if your 18 here but you do need a permit/ lisc to carry in Ind.

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