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Thread: So it's time!!

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    So it's time!!

    Now tell me, can I OC with a gun I have brought from Texas in Vegas? What's the deal with Clark county blue cards, or is out of state exempt? Visiting tinsel town and I want to carry in and around the strip for shot show etc...
    Any tips?

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    The blue card isn't required until 60 days ( I think ) of residency. I can tell you the property where the SHOT show is being held won't allow carry, oc or cc if seen. You can "check" your weapon with Security while on property I believe.

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    Yep if you are legal to have a firearm, you are legal to open carry in Las Vegas. I do not live in Clark County and do not have a blue card for my carry firearm either. Las Vegas being the largest town near where I live I end up there all the time never without a firearm. To go along with what Dodonaldduck said. I am not sure where the shot show is going to be however, if in a hotel casino most as they are not required to post signs do not allow firearms into the facility. No law, just their rule, they can ask you to check it, or leave and come back without it.
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