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Thread: Walmart FireArm Policy

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    Walmart FireArm Policy

    I was wondering if anyone had a copy of the walmart policy on open carry? My wife and I shop at the walmart in Post Falls & in Spokane alot and i want to have a copy so that if i get stopped by a manger i can show them what the corporate office says about Open Carry. I already have a email from cabala saying that i can open carry in there stores. thank you for your input.. I have wrote 3 emails to the walmart corporate asking them about their Fire Arm Policy, They never responded to the emails.

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    No something to worry about. If someone stops you as for the store manager/store manager's phone number They know the policy. Your problem getting an email back from Wal-Mart is that you are not sending it to the correct people. Try the local district manager, but I don't know why you would even bother..Wal-Mart is not a problem

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    It has been well established that Wal-Mart follows the laws of whatever state the store resides in. I carry at the Spokane Valley store almost weekly and have carried in the Post Falls store also along with Cabelas and a few other random places in PF/Hauser/Rathdrum. That being said, DONT ask for permission while you are legally out and about going on your business. Respect any "legal" signs prohibiting firearms from private businesses, (Or just cover up which is what I do. If they cant see it then they cant complain.) and go about your day. I'm not well versed in the ID laws but I know Washington RCW's very well. Just study up on your state laws so if someone asks you a question or has a problem with your chosen method of carry you can educate them on state law. But remember that a private company can ask you to cover up or leave and you must comply..... You would be surprised at how little hassle you get up here in these parts. Carry on!


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