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Thread: OT: Trigger-happy cops vs. two pet fawns

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    OT: Trigger-happy cops vs. two pet fawns

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    Notice how the story keeps changing as the ah-thori-tays scramble to try & put a decent face on an indecent event?
    officer "brutally gunned down" the twin, 6-month-old fawns his family had come to love thirty yards from his home.

    Carpenter said he was working in the home office when he was startled by a shotgun blast just outside the garage. At first, he thought frost may have cracked the concrete because of the cold, but he heard another shot ring out a few minutes later near the deck area.

    At that point, Carpenter said he ran to the patio door to see who had opened fire in his yard at 7 a.m. and found a Forest Lake officer
    the officer said, "The DNR told me to shoot them as they may be diseased."
    the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources said the officer who was dispatched to the home on the 1000 block of North Shore Trail was acting on behalf of the DNR.

    The DNR said it had received several reports of collared deer in the area of Highway 97 and North Shore Trail, and e-mailed the Forest Lake Police Department to recommend that officers dispatch the deer if they were located because they "were probably captured and collared illegally."
    Even if the deer had been captured illegally, why kill them?
    If the problem is that they're on the road, why not tell the family to build a fence or something like that?
    And if they're free to be on the road & in the yard of the house, they're obviously not captured.
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    Thumbs down Foul on the play! 10 yard penalty for unnecessary roughing the QB....BOO!

    The home owners had hoped the police would have at least attempted to knock on the door & speak to them before they opened fire with shotguns at the seemingly "domesticated" fawns, that often slept with their dog. All of this done just feet from their home with no warning!

    This is very troubling to say the least on the part of the PD. They took the time to contact the DNR, but could not take a minute to speak to the home owners about these fawns before opening fire with shotguns??? Nice. No danger there of over penetration, ricochets etc...

    What a bunch of twits in my honest opinion.
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