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Thread: Courts uphold Power of Sheriff in Wyoming

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    Courts uphold Power of Sheriff in Wyoming

    This is pretty fascinating Good News from Wyoming
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    I'm not sure what's going on in that series of articles. On one hand, it's saying wyoming sheriffs have power over federal agents, OTOH, another article says that there was a settlement (not judgement), and that not allowing feds to enter a county to do their business was itself illegal. There seems to be some back and forth on this issue, and the articles are focused on the mid-90's.

    So it LOOKS like that website is saying the courts uphold the power of the sheriff to allow or deny fed agents to operate in their counties, while it's also saying the courts have not ruled directly on the issue.


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    Just look at the subheads of the article:

    Immediately Below Is The Internet Embellishment

    Followed By

    How It Really Went Down!
    This was a lawsuit settlement, not a court ordered decision.
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    This Happens

    when people read only the first part of something and then start salivating (yep, I've done it too). An administrator type should lock and/or delete this thread before it becomes Kudzu-like.

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