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Thread: Open carry long gun in Connecticut

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    Open carry long gun in Connecticut

    I recently became interested in the Open Carry movement, which finally brought me to Open Carry dot Org. Throughout the past two months, i have spent a considerable amount of time researching our nations firearm laws. Not only have i spent a good amount of time delving deep into my own states laws, but i have also paid a lot of attention to California, while also looking into the laws, statues, and legislation of many other states as well.

    After countless tiring days and nights spent surfing the net, visiting the local law library, and even speaking to many law enforcement officials, both honest and dishonest, i have come to the conclusion that i am legally able to open carry not only pistols and revolvers, but also long guns, such as shot guns, bolt action rifles, or even semi automatic "so called" assault rifles.

    I am and have always been in serious disagreement with the assault weapons label, or the evil black rifle/ak47/mini14 etc etc stigma, just as I know most of you disagree with the extreme prejudice that our government has towards our military type firearms as well.

    While i do agree with the right to open carry pistols and revolvers, i am not currently interested in doing so. I do not currently hold a Connecticut pistol permit of any kind, although i intend to do so in the future. What i am looking to do now, is open carry my Colt Match Target 6601C in public areas throughout the town i live in, just like anyone else would open carry with their sidearm.

    I know that the general public tends to have bad taste towards such a rifle, while law enforcement probably does as well. But at the moment, my AR15 w/ a 20" inch HBAR is all i have. It is currently configured for use at the short distance range that i usually go to, which means i have a standard 3.5" inch vertical fore grip attached, rifle length MOE hand guards, and a shorter Ace Skeleton stock w/ Rubber 1" inch buttpad.

    - Will i be more likely to be treated like a criminal if i have these accessories attached while open carrying my AR15?

    - should i return it to its stock configuration to lower my chances of freaking people out who take one look at it and believe it is more deadly and more evil, just because it has a few cosmetic changes to it?

    - Or should i just leave it how it is?

    - What about magazine or ammo choices? Should i avoid using 30 round pmags and instead use 20 rounders?

    - And lastly, do i need to keep a certain distance from specific government or town establishments? i don't intend to walk anywhere near any schools or government buildings. I just wanna take a walk down the street to work, to a store to buy food or a drink, or to the docks to enjoy the view over the water.

    I am sorry to ask so many questions. I just want to make sure that i am able to protect my self from being arrested by cops who do not know the law, and who are unfamiliar with our constitution.

    What is the safest way to go about open carrying my long gun? Since i do not own a sidearm, open carrying my AR15 is the only choice i currently have. It is a right that i want to exercise, a right that me, you, and everyone else has in this once great country.

    I appreciate all the help you guys and gals can give me. I promise to represent the law abiding citizens of the Open Carry Movement to the best of my ability. Thank you, and god bless all of you.

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    Well, bad idea in my view. Get your pistol license and then carry your pistol, OC or CC is up to you. If I read the sentiment up in CT correctly, based on the CT forum, a pistol, visible on your hip, is gaining acceptance as you not being considered a threat to anyone, by citizens and LE, LE especially.

    Long gun discussions are typically a violation of Forum Rule (14), since you have the ability to carry a pistol, OC or CC, in CT. But, I am not a moderator or the owner of this site, as such, my view is nothing more than a opinion.

    Good luck.
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