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Thread: Here's the big one... the open carry bill! SB 1092

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    Here's the big one... the open carry bill! SB 1092

    SB 1092 by Steve Russell... this bill would add another exemption to the prohibition against carrying that is found in the Firearms act of 1971.

    link in .doc format:

    Here are the requirements for OC:
    1) Carry a certificate, issued by a NRA or SDA instructor that states that you have received training in safe handling of a firearm and the open carry laws of Oklahoma.

    2) Carry the weapon in a visible holster.

    3) Be 21 or older.

    It would also allow open carry of a firearm in a motor vehicle. I don't see any restrictions to what firearm one could carry.

    Edited to add: All of the prohibited places for concealed carry in the self defense act would also be prohibited for open carry.
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    Possible problems

    I forsee possible problems with the way this bill is written. It requires training and proof of such. But does not stipulate the amount of training nor does it state if prior training will be grandfathered in. What will the cost be for the certificate?
    What will the cost be for the instructors who grant the certificates? Will prior military and vets as well as active military be exempt or will they also have to attend an additional training program? What of Security Guards who have passed the MMPI and are licensed to carry on duty? Who if any will be exempted or grandfathered in? What kind of proof will they need to provide previous training? Too many questions left un-answerd that need to be addressed.

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