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Thread: Just for fun, how would you test open carry in Oklahoma?

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    Just for fun, how would you test open carry in Oklahoma?

    Now, I'm just hangar-flying here and at this moment not thinking about going shopping at WalMart with a .45 strapped to my side, but what if someone decided to test open carry in Oklahoma?

    What various 'crimes' could a test subject be charged with and convicted for, should he decide to test the system? Would the test subject's Second Amendment rights to own a firearm likely be lost forever, or would the charges and conviction more likely be a misdemeanor and not disqualifying? I don't currently have a state-issued permission slip to exercise my "inalienable" Second Amendment to carry concealed, but if someone like me decided to test if open carry is already be allowed but un-exercised, how likely would it be that I would lose my right to expect a 'pass' from OSBI for a CCL?

    About the more fun parts of an open carry test scenario, if you were going to test open carry, how would you do it? Would you do it as an organized group, or as a lone wolf? Would you go to the store, take an evening stroll in your neighborhood, or something else? Would you call in on yourself, or wait for someone to call in on you? I think I would have a lawyer well aware of where and when I was going to attempt open carry. What would be the most fun, if you decided to try an open carry with the intent of testing the law?

    Disclaimer: I'm not saying I would do this, nor am I suggesting anyone else try it....this is strictly arm-chair quarter backing.

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    I'd think that unlawful carry would be the first thing that you would be charged with. Maybe even disorderly conduct.

    I wouldn't do this. No way, no how. Too much to lose. I'll wait until November 1, assuming the Russell bill passes and is signed into law. On Nov 1, and 12:01 am, I'm gonna go shopping at Walmart with a copy of the new law in my pocket. I likely will invite others to come along. Then, I don't know...Breakfast at Beverly's sounds good.

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    If I was going to test the system, I would first make sure I had a license to carry, and then I would OC in my own yard. Of course, if you live like I do that would never be a probelm as I have no neighbors that can see into my yard, but if you lived where someone could observe you...

    The reason I say this is: 1290.22...I say it applies to all your private property, others do not think so. The "crime" if you were cited, would be a misdemeanor at worst (if you were cited at all) and would not jeopardize your right to carry if you (and I) end up being wrong in your understanding of the law.

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    Bicycle transport

    Just for fun?

    How about using your bicycle as primary mode of transportation. Open and unloaded transport of long guns slung across your back? Or does the statute about transport specifically mention motorized?


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