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Thread: Checking out people's "butts"

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    Cool Checking out people's "butts"

    Since everyone here at Kabul Airport open carries, I've been amusing myself by trying to identify what pistols our coalition partners carry, based solely on the part of the grip that I can see sticking out of the holster. Here's what I've got so far:

    Germany - H&K USP
    Italy - Beretta 92
    US - Beretta 92
    Canada - Browning Hi-Power
    Belgium - Browning Hi-Power
    UK - mostly Browning Hi-Powers, though they seem to be converting to Sigs (P226?)
    France - nothing* [see note 1]
    Czech Republic - sometimes it looks like a CZ75B, sometimes like a P07. (Maybe a mix of both?)
    Croatia - HS2000 (a.k.a. Springfield XD9)
    Greece - pretty sure it's the H&K P-7 [see note 2]

    Apparently Glock was making some really good deals in the early-to-mid-90s. Finland, Sweden, and Luxembourg carry Glocks, plus most of the former Eastern Bloc nations: Poland, Romania, Lithuania, Hungary, etc.

    NOTE 1: While I could make a snide generalization, I must point out that most of the French military here work in the medical clinic, so they would be non-combatants…..even if they weren't French ;-) Once or twice, I've seen them carry a flat-sided, single-stack pistol, probably the MAS 1950 [see note 2].

    NOTE 2: It took some internet research to ID this one.
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    What a perv!

    Got any pics?
    Don't believe any facts that I say! This is the internet and it is filled with lies and untruth. I invite you to look up for yourself the basic facts that my arguments might be based upon. This way we can have a discussion where logic and hints on where to find information are what is brought to the forum and people look up and verify facts for themselves.

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    I thought the French were surrendering again and were going to leave Afghanistan.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mobeewan View Post
    I thought the French were surrendering again and were going to leave Afghanistan.
    They might as well GTFO, since all they do is consume resources. Same with the Krauts. The only countries that were worth a damn were former Warsaw Pact countries. I suppose they were trying too make a good impression. It tells me that if the Russians went all bolshitvik again they could have europe cheap once we leave.
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