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Thread: buck a gallon gasoline - MOVED TO LOUNGE

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    Angry buck a gallon gasoline - MOVED TO LOUNGE

    At least that is what they say here, but then we add a buck in taxes at the pump... (federal is about 53 cents and Michigan is about 48 cents).

    Pssst: Itís Still About a Buck a Gallon

    Now if we could just stop the commodities brokers from driving the price of crude from the $48 a barrel it actually costs...

    What got me started on this rant is in todays rag... Michigan legislators want to raise the gas tax by .09 a gallon there by exceeding federal gas tax, and there was news of increasing vehicle registration by $60..

    Yes I know not gun related but sometimes one has to rant.....

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    It's 12 cents in Venezuela, 65 cents in Egypt, and 6.48 in The Netherlands.
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    Can always rant in the OCDO Social Lounge...

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