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Thread: Firearms and Felons

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    Firearms and Felons

    A good friend of mine recently became a felon for a non-violent, non-drug related crime. Because felons can't posses firearms, I have lots of questions.
    Can we ride in the same car if i'm carrying?
    Can he rent a room from me if I own firearms? Or even come to my house for that mater?
    Can I carry if we are together in public?
    I could go on and on, but I think you get the idea.

    Thanks all.

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    Your friend can't possess or handle a firearm or ammo. There is no restriction on you. You can carry legally. Just make sure you are the one in possession anytime you are at the same location. If when in the same house or motel type room make sure if you are not actually carrying it that it is secured in locking type container and your friend doesn't have the key or combination or access to either.
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    G Gordon Liddy was interviewed a long time ago and I remember he was asked a question about him being a felon, so how does he know a lot about the guns that he would talk about on his radio show. He responded that he was indeed a felon and did not have any guns, but then he added: "But my wife has an IMPRESSIVE collection..."
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    This was recently discussed in the WA sub-forum. You may get a better understanding readying this thread, plus its specific to WA.
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    It would seem that conditions may vary from state to state. When my sister(a felon) came to live with me, her parole officer said all I had to do was move my firearms into a room she would not have access to(in this case my bedroom). Since at the time I did not have a gun safe, he said all my firearms would need trigger locks or some other form of locking device. My local sheriff dept. gave me free locks that satisfied the requirements. No other restrictions were placed upon their storage.

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