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Thread: NM OCers: Enjoy Starbucks while "Open-Carry & Coffee" is still legal...

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    NM OCers: Enjoy Starbucks while "Open-Carry & Coffee" is still legal...

    From FOX News:

    "Starbucks is realizing that coffee and wine do mix, it hopes.
    The world's biggest coffee chain introduced beer and wine to a Seattle café in October 2010. Buoyed by that success, it announced plans Monday to sell booze in as many as 25 locations by the end of the year. It says it will focus on new or remodeled stores in California, Atlanta and Chicago." -- Read more: I wonder how long it'll be until they get to NM? A while I'd say -- while they look at sales numbers and customer comments/feedback -- but still, it looks like at SOME point in the future (if alcohol sales DO work for Starbucks) it's only a matter of time before our OC days there are history.

    I mentioned this issue to some of the OCers at our recent 2nd Annual ABQ/RR OC Get-Together (Village Inn, Rio Rancho) that some years ago, I HAD bought alcohol at an ABQ Starbucks (see attached pic of my "Starbucks collector items" below -- one on left is unopened, the other opened but almost full) but apparently it was for off-site consumption -- I don't think it'd have been legal to pop one open and pour drinks at your table! But I guess that was either an experiment or, it didn't sell well. Who knows.

    So they're looking NOW (again?) to sell alcohol but this time for on-site consumption...which means we can neither OC nor CC, so besides not being able to accomplish some of the goals for OCing (educating/desensitizing the general public re: citizens with guns), we also will be sitting ducks for any psycho/criminal(s) who decide to shoot up the place. If they only sold it for off-site consumption, we could still CC (at least not be UNarmed) but if they allow on-site consumption, it's over.

    The only way around that comes to mind would be for NM LAW to change, but I don't see NM being that "progressive" like some other states which DO allow OC in a bar. Here in TX, we have that "51% rule," loosely meaning even if a place does sell alcohol, if they don't get more than 51% of their income from it (some states have a higher %), you're okay to CC there (TX does not have OC). I don't know if similar law would help "fix" this in NM, meaning you COULD CC/OC there IF it wasn't actually a bar, but simply a restuarant with alcohol "on the side" if you will, not their main sales generator.

    I enjoyed going to several ABQ Starbucks this past December while there on my annual Christmas Trip, so visiting Starbucks is one of the things I do. It wil be sad when/if it comes to an end.

    Whatever, if any of you also like to OC while at Starbucks, you might want to keep up on this story also. For now, enjoy it while you can!

    I know I will if *I* can, come the next time I'm up there: For our 3rd Annual 2012 ABQ/RR Get-Together! That should be enough time to see where this is going...and whether it's coming to NM -- or not.
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