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Thread: North Carolina Death Row Inmate Writes Letter About Life of 'Leisure'

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    North Carolina Death Row Inmate Writes Letter About Life of 'Leisure'

    Good to know we are keeping them comfortable while the rest of us struggle to make ends meet.
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    There are several of us here in NC that would GLADLY end the budget problems with keeping death row inmates incarcerated.

    I would GLADLY donate to the NC DOJ enough ammo to dispatch every convict on NC's Death Row, out of pocket. For less than $200, we could eliminate this problem completely, and send a VERY strong message to the criminals and thugs of NC and surrounding states.

    My inlaws are currently being subjected to a "Racial Justice Act" appeal by a death row inmate who murdered my sweetie's little brother when he was 17. He was carjacked, shot in the face point-blank with a sawed-off 12ga, and then his car and wallet (with less than $20) was stolen. The killer testified (which was corroborated by his aunt, and several other witnesses) that he had said before the murder that he "wanted to kill a white boy". (Unfortunately, this stone-cold murder happened before NC's "hate crime" statutes went into effect...)

    And he has the nerve to appeal his conviction under the "Racial Justice Act"!!!

    We need a "Texas-style" death row system in NC...
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