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Thread: 9mm bulk ammo raleigh area

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    9mm bulk ammo raleigh area

    Got a New LC9 and need some plinking/range ammo. Anyone have any recomendations to buy some around the raleigh area or any brand preferences???

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    wal mart has 100 rd value packs of federal 115 gr. and is very accurate out of my glock 17, that being said if you want cheap good ammo buy it in bulk on the internet if you practice alot.

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    I use the Remington UMC 250 rd pack from WalMart at about $53.

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    You can always try I usually find my bulk ammo there. And as picky as my glock 19 is, I've never really had a problem with the bulk boxes of BVAC reman's. HOWEVER, I divide my loose packed bulk ammo into plastic boxes and weigh each round when I receive them. Can never be too sure with reman's...

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