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Thread: 2 years in solitary after and no trial

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    2 years in solitary after and no trial

    Holy.....this is unbelievable, and yes, I know some will say it is believable. Is this a Territorial Jail lost in time, was he a prisoner of war, or did he not get out of NM fast enought?

    The 22M is nice, but If I were him i'd want to see whoever is responsible doing time in federal prison.

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    And some certain enforcers wonder why we are skeptical of their claims of upholding the oath and the law.


    Lex malla, lex nulla

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    "Your insanity builds. Some people holler or throw feces out their cell doors," he said. "Others rock back and forth under a blanket for a year or more, which is what my client did."


    Isolation is a very good torture device if the punisher intends to drive the prisoner insane. After a few days in isolation from human contact, and the outside world, individuals begin to go mad. The man deserves 22 million, and the guards deserve to be thrown into prison for torture.
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