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Thread: Buy Starbucks on 2/14 counter protest the anti

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    Buy Starbucks on 2/14 counter protest the anti

    Wow.. so the Anti's were going to stage a protest for against Starbucks. Starbucks is not even PRO GUN, they are just pro COFFEE and have decided to simply follow the law. Here is a Facebook counter protest that now has over 5200 people confirmed to make a Starbucks purchase on 2/14 and over 29,000 invited.

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    I will be at 25th and Wabash in Terre Haute Indiana. To support Starbucks for supporting my civil right. I encourage other to do the same.
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    I will start by passing out some flyers stating the goal objective.

    And will be wearing my 5.11 thumb drive holster in protest of Gov moonbeam and legislator portabella mushroom.

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    Anyone in the south bay area going out with long gun in tow? I'll be supporting starbucks several time that day, and would love to meet up with other OC folks...

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    I hope everyone realizes that a single day (to show 'support' for Starbucks) won't exactly fit the ($2) bill.

    The boycott *STARTS* on 2/14 and has no specific end date.

    Thus, a frequent (weekly?) visit might be of significance, especially paying with the $2 bill.
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