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Thread: It IS Not Over Yet In Racine...

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    It IS Not Over Yet In Racine...

    A while back the Mayor issued and executive order banning firearms in all city buildings, funtions on city property, etc...

    Looks like there might be still be some hope...

    At the same time, Mayor John Dickert issued an executive order, exempting those in law enforcement, banning weapons in city buildings and at special events on city property. But there is no actual way of enforcing the ban unless there is an ordinance in place.
    I was born and rasied in Racine, but "got outa threre" about 2 years ago.... So this is post is for those still there...

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    I'll have to use this for Sussex, but I doubt they'll listen, especially when they are trying to entice businesses to come in.
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    there is no actual way of enforcing the ban unless there is an ordinance in place
    That's not correct. State law provides penalties for trespassing.
    See 943.13 (1m)(c)(4)
    It's a class B forfeiture [939.52(3)(b)] - up to $1000 fine.
    There's no reason to duplicate effort by enacting a local ordinance.
    It won't be any more illegal by having a city ordinance, and it can't be any more illegal because of state preemption of all things firearm.

    The only good thing about it is that it's not a crime, so the state can't (legally) seize & destroy your property (pistol). I'm sure some place will try, & will make the citizens' life difficult & expensive to get the municipality to stop doing something illegal.
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