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Thread: tax time, where should you go?

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    tax time, where should you go?

    W-2's are back or you will get it soon. but the question is where do I go to file them? H&R block is anti 2nd amendment and rude on top of that. If you have the same dilemma I do and will not provide your business to a company who refuses to recognize you right to carry then you should go to LIBERTY TAX. I know you have all seen the people next to the road dressed like the statue of liberty. A friend of mine is the co owner and owner of several branches, Beachmont Ohio, Lebanon Ohio, Blanchester Ohio and also one in Kentucky(cant remember where at the moment). all the employees are personal and help you with what you need. In fact I showed the owner where to get PRO-GUN stickers for his door and he wants to get some to post on his businesses soon.
    Lebanon Office
    726 E. Main St. Ste C
    Lebanon, OH 45036
    PH: (513) 228-0330
    they take walk in but they are pretty full when Iím in there so I think it is better if you call and set up an appointment.
    Give you business to someone who cares and is PRO 2A
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    I just do all my taxes myself, its free and I don't have to get dressed!

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