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Thread: UN says Syria has 15 to get *poop* together.

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    UN says Syria has 15 to get *poop* together.

    Ok, I get it, Syria is not on my top 10 places to visit list, and does some messed up things to their people. But where does any group of nations get any say so on how any other nation conducts business. Seriously, who gave the UN the power it thinks it has?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brion View Post
    Seriously, who gave the UN the power it thinks it has?

    Uh, the Rockefellers, who donated the land on Manhattan for them to build their headquarters, not to mention BILLIONS of dollars over the years in the form of donations, grants, project funding and special programs.

    And the Rothschilds family, who for all intents and purposes is the co-owner of the English Empire with the Sax-Coberg Gotha family.

    And any number of other mega-rich families of generational sociopaths (liek the Warburgs, the McCarthers, the Soros', the Gates, etc) who shovel funding into the UN's coffers, fund their Eugenics projects, invest in "revolutionaries" to destabilize the Third World so that the UN can send in "Peace Keepers", and direct international bankster cartels to rape and pillage the economies of any "uppity" emerging States who think they can become successful without the usury of the World Bank, IMF or BIS...

    Money talks, and it usually says "F#*% YOU!" if you're not in on "the game" and have any delusions of being independent and successful outside the "system". In the case of the UN, this is usually done through legalistic treaties and International Codes, but in extreme cases, it can be done at the barrel of a gun...
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