With every state that adds recognition for the Iowa permit the less I feel the need to have a non-resident permit from another state. With the recent addition of Georgia to that list Iowa's permit to carry is now valid in 27 other states. With so many states now recognizing Iowa's permit I'm considering not renewing my non-resident permits. I'm not complaining that Georgia now recognizes Iowa's permit but I do wish a few more states would follow their example. Those states that I would especially like to see recognize Iowa's permit are Minnesota, Illinois, and South Carolina.

Minnesota has, IIRC, had a universal recognition law get proposed for several years now. I believe it's been gaining support with every year its been proposed.

Illinois does not have lawful carry of a firearm of any kind right now. I believe that when (not if) it passes there will be a universal recognition provision as part of the law. I believe it was last year that a permit to carry law was proposed last year and had wide enough support to pass but the bill was pulled because it exempted Chicago. That was a deal breaker for the supporters of the bill and I can't blame them, we can't have our rights regulated based on population density. There is a growing desire among the people of Illinois to get some sort of carry law that I believe that such a law will pass sooner rather than later.

South Carolina, as far as I know, did not have a universal recognition law proposed but they went one step further. They are considering unrestricted carry. This is also something that I believe will pass into law sooner rather than later.

The rest of the country either already recognizes Iowa's permit or they have such restrictive laws on self defense that I have little hope in getting any permit recognized there any time soon. These states are grouped along the northeast and west and so I also have little concern on their laws, I see little desire to visit them anyway. I believe these states will need to be brought kicking and screaming into the 19th century were the Bill of Rights became part of the Constitution and was incorporated against the state governments. This will require lengthy court battles and/or a lot of incumbent legislators losing to people that have read the Constitution.

Good job Georgia. Now, we just need more states to follow their lead.