Extreme anti-gunner Eileen Filler-Corn has an online legislative survey. Of particular note to gun owners are questions #1
What are the three (3) most important issues facing the General Assembly this year?
and #4
For our higher educational system, I support:
Question #1 does not give gun rights or even "gun control" as an option to pick as a top 3 issue, but there is a box to for "other," where you can add your own issue (which I did). One of the options that you can select for question #4 is
I support continuing to ban guns on college campuses
and of course there is no selection that states the opposite opinion. There is another box to add your own opinion, and, again, I used it to make my own views clear on the matter.

Take the survey for yourself here: http://survey.house.virginia.gov/sur...&ForceNew=true