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Thread: Ruger SR1911 RAFFLE for Wounded Warrior Project - Will You Participate

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    Ruger SR1911 RAFFLE for Wounded Warrior Project - Will You Participate


    Not a lot of traction for an auction of the Ruger SR1911 for the Wounded Warriors so taking a suggestion from a fellow OCDO community I am testing the waters for a raffle... Here is how it would work...

    Tickets would be $10 each... The number of tickets would be limited to 200, thus each ticket would have a 1/200 chance of winning... All proceeds over the cost of the handgun would be donated by Buck's Gun Shop to the Wounded Warrior Project...

    If this is something that you would be interested in, please go to, "Like" the page and then post that you would be interested and how many tickets you would purchase...

    If I can drum up sufficient verbal interest I will run with the raffle and put this SR1911 to some good use...

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    You might want to check with the state Gambling Commission. I believe there are some restrictions on how one can run a "raffle"

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    Sorry Earl, I don't do face-book and never will.

    I will send you a PM, and hopefully that will be enough show of interest. You should probably make other options clear for others who don't do the social networking thing, but still want to participate.

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