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Thread: American riddle: more guns, less violence?

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    American riddle: more guns, less violence?

    I just finished reading the latest VCDL update which included a Bloomberg BusinessWeek article "Gun Control: A Movement Without Followers" opinion piece by Paul Barrett. Unfortunately, there was no PVC commentary attached...just a cut ’n paste of the article. Note: The link in the VCDL e-mail was didn’t go to this article which was quoted verbatim in the mailing. Click above for the source document.

    I must tell you, I've got a real problem with the line “The inaction, especially President Barack Obama’s passivity on the topic, demonstrates that gun control has expired as a national political issue.”

    That’s exactly what the administration would like us to believe...and let our guard down a bit. In actuality, all they’ve done is toned down the politically volatile anti-gun rhetoric while heading into the election season and instead gone into stealth mode.

    Stealth mode...plans for a raft of anti-gun executive orders which will circumvent congressional pro-rights oversight coupled with continued appointments of lower-court liberal, activist judges who’ll further damage the Second Amendment rights interpretations we’re won recently. Even if these odorous lower court decisions are appealed, there’s no guarantee they’ll be overturned if this guy gets a second term. We already know where newly-appointed Justices Sotomayor and Kagan stand and a second Obama term could very easily result in three more appointments! By the end of a second Obama term, three of today’s justices will be over the age of 80 and certainly looking to get out of the daily judicial grind.

    Together with Justices Sotomayor and Kagan, those three new Obama appointees could control a 5-4 majority of the court and do grave damage to the fundamental rights our forefathers fought and died for all those many years before.

    Lastly, as we’ve seen with “Fast and Furious, cabinet-level appointees have tremendous flexibility with respect to which existing laws their agencies choose to (or not to) rigorously enforce. They get their orders from the top and a second term anti-gun president who’s no longer accountable in the polls certainly isn’t going to be very sympathetic to our pleas or our vote threats.
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