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Thread: Recall Petitions Finally Posted by GAB

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    Recall Petitions Finally Posted by GAB

    The GAB finally posted the recall petitions. I have looked through pages 1-50 so far and made the following observances, be they true or not:

    1. Most pages are not full of signatures, several have only 1 on the page.
    2. Many signatures look like children wrote them, or the individual was under the influence of something.

    The site is extremely slow, must be getting a lot of hits.

    You can find them at:

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    Isn't it nice that this is public record?
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    As bad as the handwriting is i'm guessing that has less to do with being under the influence than having decent penmanship. I personally have horrible penmanship and rarely if ever hand write anything but my name or the date. It's been at least 5 years since I've done more than that lol. It's really a generational thing. Now it's much faster and legible to type it vs write it.


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    I can write great in cursive but suck at printing. I always rush too much. Thank goodness for typing!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Brass Magnet View Post
    I can write great in cursive but suck at printing. I always rush too much. Thank goodness for typing!
    I have been printing since 1953; I was born without a cursive gene....
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    I looked through a bunch of the pages and I concluded, with all the Madison signatures, Madison must be about a million people.

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    I don't know how critically or closely the GAB actually looks at these, but I did a "quick" browse through the first 100 and had more than a few that caught my eye as being a bit suspicious. Or at least a bit strange.

    Also had the thought that if they are going on the number of petitions turned in for the "estimated" number of signatures, I think they will be a bit disappointed when they start counting the actual correct signatures.
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