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Thread: New OC'er in Seattle/Renton

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    New OC'er in Seattle/Renton

    Hello Folks,

    I've been dropping by the forums here for quite some time now and have made the decision to finally purchase my first pistol. I've done one OC around Beacon Hill so far with no issues.

    I've read the stickies in regards to OC'ing and which locations are prohibited. So far I've learned a lot of information making the experience very smooth so far.

    Im not sure if there is one thread here yet about a Seattle/Renton OC report which lists the areas that are OC friendly.

    Hope to meet you folks sometime over starbucks or a BBQ.


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    Welcome to OCDO!
    There is the South Sound OC Report started by GoGoDawgs. There is also a list of friendly/unfriendly establishments in the Michigan section, I believe. As well as the sight friendorfoe.
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    Welcome to the forum

    Hanzo23 welcome to the forum if you ever get over here to south kitsap county let me know. And we will have coffee to gether. look forward to seeing you at a get together.
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