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Thread: It's the Politikin Season and one of our friends needs some help

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    It's the Politikin Season and one of our friends needs some help

    As all of you know, I have opinions on a lot of things. P4P, giving information to the Federal Government, open carry in State and National Forests, on.

    What I don't do is come here and ask people to support Tobacco bills or Timber Management or even anti dog hunter bills.

    Well this is a little different.
    Senator Mark Obenshain, who has been a darn good friend to gun owners in this state, just look at the last couple of Courts Video's. No waffling out of him....has again submitted his Private Property Rights amendment to the Constitution.

    SB 240 Constitutional amendment; taking or damaging of private property for public use (voter referendum).

    Introduced by: Mark D. Obenshain | all patrons ... notes | add to my profiles

    Constitutional amendment (voter referendum); taking or damaging of private property; public use. Provides for a referendum at the November 6, 2012, election to approve or reject an amendment eliminating the General Assembly's authority to define a public use for which private property may be taken or damaged and (i) requiring that eminent domain be exercised for public uses and not for the primary purpose of private gain, private benefit, private enterprise, increasing jobs, increasing tax revenue, or economic development; (ii) defining what is to be included in determining just compensation for permissible takings; and (iii) prohibiting the taking of more private property than is necessary for the stated public use.

    I'm not taking a public position. I'll just post his words and hopefully the Mods will leave it up in honor of his support for us. This is important to all of us that don't want the Government taking our property.

    I don't write often to ask for help, but I need it now!!! We have been fighting for a Property Rights Amendment to Virginia's Constitution for 6 years - and we are on the cusp of sending one to the voters for approval. However, all that is at risk. Without your help, the Amendment may die on Friday or Monday.

    First, let me explain what's going on, and then I am going to ask you to help by sending an email to your Senator as soon as you can -- tonight if possible.

    To pass a constitutional amendment, it must be approved by the General Assembly twice in succeeding years and in exactly the same form. Then the amendment must be approved at the ballot box by the voters.

    Last year, the Property Rights Amendment passed with HUGE bipartisan majorities (the fact that it was an election year no doubt helped). This year, the amendment sailed out of a Senate Committee with a bipartisan 13-2 vote -- with all eight Republicans and five of the committee's seven Democrats in support. As things now stand, the full Senate should vote on the amendment on Monday, and if it passes the House, it goes straight to the voters in November.

    Unfortunately, opponents of the Property Rights Amendment have one more play: they want to send the amendment to the Senate Finance Committee -- WHERE IT WILL DIE. Let me be clear, if SJ 3 is recommitted to Senate Finance, we will never see it again.

    Now, HERE'S WHAT YOU CAN DO. I need you to contact your Senator and tell him or her to VOTE NO on any motion to send the Property Rights Amendment to the Senate Finance Committee. Our property rights are way too important.

    If opponents want to kill the Amendment, let them do it in the light of day - it's easy. If the effort to send the Property Rights Amendment to the Finance Committee fails, then on Monday the Senate as a whole will get an up or down vote on the measure. Last year 35 Senators voted for the amendment. If they voted for it in an election year, is it too much to ask them to do it now?

    To help you contact your Senator, I've created a form that will help you get out your message. Click here to let your Senator know that you expect SJ 3 to get an up or down floor vote.

    Thank you for your help and support on this critically important issue! Please don't wait - contact your Senator now, and forward this email to others who may be interested in doing likewise. (If you would rather call, please do so before 10 am on Friday; click here for a list of phone numbers.)

    Best regards,

    Mark Obenshain

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    I'd be glad to write my state Senator, but I don't think Henry Marsh listens to much of anything I say to him. (If he did, I'd probably be hit with more defamation of character lawsuits that I could defend against by proving the truth of the statements.)

    Instead, I've written Senator Obenshain asking how I can help in other ways. Yes, folks, you heard it here first - a real, live volunteer.

    stay safe.
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    I wrote a letter, it should at least be on the ballot.
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    Already had, but doing it again can't hurt.
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    Watkins contacted.

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    Vogel contacted...
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    Sent to Blevins.
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    To Stosch

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    Sent to John C. Miller.
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    Got Obenshain's email letter yesterday and followed through with correspondence to Senator Martin.
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    Sure like that new guy!

    Emailed my Senator, Bryce Reeves, and got this today, Monday, Feb. 6:

    "In Privileges and Elections, Senator Obenshain’s bill relating to eminent domain (SJ3) passed through with clear bi-partisan support by a vote of 13-2. I am proud to be a co-patron of this bill to support the property rights of Virginians.

    This bill will amend the Constitution of Virginia to ensure private property is only taken by localities for proper public use and is a huge step forward in protecting citizens’ private property rights.

    This bill will reach the Senate floor this week. I encourage the public to continue to show their support for this important amendment."

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    Done. Very user friendly link and process.
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