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Thread: Carrying on WWU Campus

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    Carrying on WWU Campus

    I'm planning on going to the drag show being put on at Western next Friday and I was wondering if anybody knows if I am allowed to carry there. I am not a student so I don't have worry about getting expelled or anything. One of my other concerns is being in a room with so many liberals, what do y'all think?

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    Get started here...

    Take a look around their site...

    (edited: ok found this)

    The WAC link...

    In Washington law they are treated like every other private property and they can make rules against carry as they wish, student or not. If you are asked to leave, you must leave or you may face trespassing charges. Of-course, since your not a student, you wont face administrative actions.

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    According to the WAC section quoted on that WWU page, the university cannot host a professional fireworks display, since that would involve explosives other than those used for construction or demolition...

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    Just exactly what kind of "drag" show are we talking about here?
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    Quote Originally Posted by SpyderTattoo View Post
    Just exactly what kind of "drag" show are we talking about here?
    It's WWU, why would you even have to ask?
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