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Thread: Great intercation with my sons 1st grade teacher in Madison...!

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    Great intercation with my sons 1st grade teacher in Madison...!

    Went to pick up the kids from school 6yo and his teacher asked me to 'come in to the classroom and see something'... I told both of them that I really cant do son walked away to see a friend...His teacher and started a discussion...and i told her WHY i couldnt come into the school...I showed her my CCL....She got a HUGE grin on her face and told me she took the class last week and sent her app in this past monday! Then she mentioned that she took the class with 2 other teachers...all 3 are middle aged african american women! I was asked to show my ccl to one of the other 2...she looked at it, got a big smile and said, 'you packin' ? " was a GREAT interaction with these 3 soon to be armed women!

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    It's great to see teachers informed and not bow to the liberal preasure to maybe become a victim.

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    Quote Originally Posted by birdman46g View Post
    It's great to see teachers informed and not bow to the liberal preasure to maybe become a victim.
    I don't think it's entirely accurate to say "liberal pressure to ... become a victim." There are many liberals who are realistic enough to understand that criminals do not normally perform a political test when targeting a person or property. Everyone, regardless of their political leanings, share a common interest in being safe from crime and protecting their loved ones.

    I entered at least a dozen work places today that were posted with "no weapons" signs, among them some non-profit organizations, manufacturing facilities, a technical training facility, an industrial supplier, and an engineering firm. Each had their own reason for posting, but none of them were under the illusion that a sign was going to provide them any real protection. I don't hold much hope of changing the minds of fanatics. But I believe most people are not fanatics, they just need some time and guidance and reasoning and we will win their hearts of minds. I had a dozen people who work at a posted firm ask me for a training course a couple of months ago. When you hit the streets and talk with people, even in the "liberal" city of Madison, you will find a surprising amount of support for the RKBA. I suspect the shrill opposition is mostly made up of a relatively small number of busybodies and Internet commandos.
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    I am invited every year to put on a presentation of WWII firearms for the 5th grade of the school my kids attend. I usually bring in a K98, an M1 Garand, an M1 carbine, a 1903A3, a K31, and a 1911A1. Although the presentation revolves around the firearms, I explain that war production of firearms and all the other tools of war caused rationing and complete unavailability of many everyday items like cars, typewriters, and jukeboxes. I have to explaine what typewriters and jukeboxes are, but they get the point. War back then was a lot different than war today. I also use firearms production figures to transition to the numbers of men fighting back then to the numbers fighting now. It puts the scope of WWII in better perspective for the kids. The first time I did the presentation, the teacher told me she was absolutely fascinated.

    I do get written permission from the administrator every year, just to cover my backside, but he doesn't have a problem with it either. Of course, it's a private, Christian school, not a public institution. I do get a couple of funny looks from other parents as I carry 3 or 4 long gun cases down the halls, but so far, no one has objected, either before or after the presentation.

    Not all teachers are antigun. I would guess it's a lot like being a conservative in the public schools. No reason to bring it up, so don't.

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    Slow and steady is how we will win this race, educating one at a time will add up. Well done.
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    We must contact our lawmakers today, tomorrow and the next day to remind them of Constitutional Carry.
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