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Thread: Great Day at The PIT!

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    Great Day at The PIT!

    Today was the Capitol Forest Pit shoot I set up. It was great. FMJ 911 and I carpooled down together. On the way there, we stopped by Cabela's to get targets and Black Powder Caps. Didn't get any looks or comments about my OC.

    It was pretty cold on the way to the PIT. Once we got there and set everything up though, the sun came out and was actually T-shirt weather. I want to thank all the people that let me shoot their guns today. It was great meeting All those new people.

    When FMJ 911 and I were on our way back up north, we decided to get something to eat at Sizzler in Bellevue. I had just payed for my order and was waiting for FMJ to pay for his when I moved for and older man to go past me. As I told the man to go a head, he put his hand on my shoulder to thank me and that's when he saw my gun. He looked up, looked down, looked up, looked down, and looked up again. He leans over and says "You're and awfully young looking Policeman". I said "I'm not a Police Officer sir". Old man "Then what are you?". Me" I'm just an armed citizen". Old man "What's that?" Me "It means that it is legal and my right to carry a firearm. I am practicing my rights and providing my self a tool for self defense." Old man "That's so awesome. I'm proud of you. Give me a hug." with a big old smile on his face. I hugged him and the he said "You know I wish there were millions of others like you." I smiled and and he walked off.

    All in all a great day shooting and a great OC day today.

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    did you make sure you still had your wallet after the hug?
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    I had a great time shooting as well. I saw only the last few seconds of the OC "event", but it was good to be there! It's good to get out and travel around!

    I still need to get a good Holster so I can OC more.

    Overall Today was a 9.5/10 (Half-point removed due to weapon malfunctions)

    Thinking about the next shoot being about 6 weeks out, then it would be in Mid-March. Weather will be improved by then.

    Thanks to all & SigGuy23, and everyone else for the fun time!

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    Quote Originally Posted by FMJ 911 View Post

    Overall Today was a 9.5/10 (Half-point removed due to weapon malfunctions)
    If it had been a Sig your day would have been a 10. According to GoGo Sig's don't have problems
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