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Thread: Another Positive LEO Encounter

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    Another Positive LEO Encounter

    Last week I was driving home from work around 6:30a (I work nights) on Interstate 71 when one of my tires decided it was a great time to pop. I pulled over to inspect my tire and found it too damaged to try and repair on the side of the road. I gave my auto club a call to send a tow truck. Right after I hung up with my auto club my car's interior filled with blue flashing lights.

    I turn my dome lights on, place my hands on the wheel and wait for the Trooper to arrive at my window. He shows up at my window and I belt out “in accordance with the ORC, I’m informing you that I am armed.” The Trooper paused for a moment, gave me a funny look then said “Ok. So, do you need any help with your tire?” I tell him a tow truck is on its way and he bids me a good day.

    Five minutes later another Trooper stopped. I assume he radioed that he was stopping and the first Trooper said he already talked to me. After sitting behind me for about 30 seconds he shut off his lights, waved and went on his way. Another 10 minutes goes by and I get a visit from a third Trooper. I repeat my routine of light on, hands on wheel, notify and I got similar results as the first Trooper.

    Other than my tire blowing out it was a great day. I didn't have to surrender any ID, my sidearm or have the Trooper’s sidearm pointed at me.

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    Very nice to hear of a positive encounter.

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