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Thread: Hey! Your gun is showing!

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    Hey! Your gun is showing!

    I'm still chuckling to my self over the last open carry encounter I just had. I am in the process of moving my things into a storage unit and ran out of boxes. I ran down to the UPS store in Poulsbo to see what kind of boxes they had. I parked, got out of my car and was halfway through the parking lot when I herd a man yell "HEY! did you know your gun is showing!" I looked around the parking lot and saw a man all the way on the other end of the lot tugging at his shirt and looking at me. I was on the phone and before I could respond he yelled "are you open carry or conceal carry!?" I yelled back "open carry, it is legal in this state, you do not need a permit and you do not have to cover it up!" The man smiled gave me a thumps up and yelled "cool!"

    That was the end of it he got in his car and left. I went into the UPS store and bought a box without any issues. No comments where made about my gun and they thanked me for coming in
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    I had someone do something like that to me once. I looked at them and said "Yes, and I'm wearing glasses and my shirt's buttoned up... So?"
    They got a confused look and went away.

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    are you open carry or conceal carry!?

    As if your declaration either way would make any difference . . .

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    Haha, this happened to me in line at Wal-Mart. Lady behind me kinda whispered to me "hey, I can see your pistol, might wanna cover it before you get in trouble"
    Evidently she was CCing herself and was unaware of OC laws. We had a nice little chat in line.
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