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Thread: KSL "Ask a Cop" speaks out against the stupidity of OC

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    KSL "Ask a Cop" speaks out against the stupidity of OC

    I didn't read any of the posted comments and it was locked so no further comments could be added, so here are my thoughts on the article.

    *******************non-OC related comments************************
    "In regard to cops speeding... I rather enjoy when they fly out of sight and I can go on driving the way I wanted. ... If it makes you feel better, I've never given a speeding ticket because I'd feel like a hypocrite."
    Translation: I'm OK with cops breaking the law because I do it myself.

    "Speed traps... I was told outright, you will write eight tickets a shift or else. So I did. Some I felt horrible about, but it was my job."
    Translation: If my boss tells me to do something I will even if I think it's wrong. This defense/argument didn't work so well for the Nazis... (Ha, Godwin's law!)

    "Next time you get pulled over, try telling the officer that you just pooped your pants."
    Translation: I advocate lying to officers to get out of tickets.
    I lost pretty much all respect for this officer at this point. Tell him I pooped my pants to try and avoid a speding ticket? Really?!

    *************************OC*********************** **************

    "I however see no benefit, unless you're camping, of having a firearm exposed in public."

    OK, what benefit is there to OC when camping that doesn't apply when in public? All the benefits of open carrying while camping that I can think of apply equally to public OC:
    1. If a wild animal (predator) suddenly attacks me I can draw my gun more quickly to defend myself. I want this advantage over urban predators as well.
    2. I encounter a criminal who decides that because we are in a remote area, law enforcement won't be able to respond quickly and he can get away with some crime. Then he sees I have a weapon and decides not to engage me. FACT: Most violent encounters are over long before law enforcement can respond and criminals KNOW this. I take personal responsibility for my safety and OC can warn away a predator equally well in public as it can when camping.

    "There are a lot of officers in plainclothes, whether undercover or detectives, and the whole point is to not draw attention to themselves, thus giving the element of surprise."

    OK, undercover officers don't want to draw attention to themselves. What does that have to do with me? Surprise is great if you plan of going on the offense and attacking someone (sting operation arrest, etc.) However, no sane tactician has EVER advocated surprise as a defensive technique. Our uniformed officers and military personal don't hide their weapons so they can surprise the enemy if they stumble into an ambush.

    Regarding OC: "I may upset some people with this but I call ’em as I see ’em...."

    Translation: I know full well that this is legal, but I don't like it so I'll just spout my opinion.
    OK, he is entitled to his opinion, but he is a LAW enforcement officer, not an OPINION enforcement officer.

    "In a time when mass shootings seem more and more commonplace, we the citizens of Utah see nothing wrong with someone walking around, with firearm in hand, holstered or slung, near a mall, school or other populated place just because we can?! How dare the cops confront that individual. He's just expressing his rights."

    Mass shootings are only possible when a violent armed criminal encounters a group of people unable to defend themselves (i.e unarmed). Statistics very clearly show that MORE armed lawful citizens equal LESS violent crime. So yes, I DO want more lawful armed citizens near malls, schools, and other populated areas. If they choose to carry openly that is their legal right. Although he clearly intends the last two sentences to be sarcastic, I think they are a good summary if taken literally: How dare the cops confront that individual.
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    Quote Originally Posted by leeland View Post
    [URL]Although he clearly intends the last two sentences to be sarcastic, I think they are a good summary if taken literally:...
    I thoroughly enjoyed your translation after I read the article on the KSL website. I have only one point of slight disagreement. IMNSHO the sarcasm of 'Officer Anonymous' is directed toward the OC'er, and the possibility that the OC'er could distract LE from more important endeavors. He is not saying "Let's ignore the criminal." Personally, I think he chose to be anonymous because of his moronic views... to which he is completely entitled. However, I subscribe to Abe Lincoln's philosophy - "Better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to speak out and remove all doubt." Pax...
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    It is funny how the officer tries to explain why people shouldn't OC but with his arguments describes why we should....

    He states most mass shooting occur at malls, schools, and other places that have prohibited law abiding citizens from carrying a firearm. A criminal knows this and knows he can do maximum damage before cops arrive.

    You never hear of a mass shooting at a police station, gun store, gun show, or other place criminals know there are a lot of armed people.....could it be they don't want to die before they get off more than a shot or two?

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    This guy

    The ask a cop guy, I am more and more convinced it's Beau Babka.
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