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Thread: IWB or OWB holster?

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    IWB or OWB holster?

    My CCW permit should be here next month.

    I am new to Las Vegas, so I do not know how I will dress here in the summer. Like do they freeze you inside most locations where I would probably wear a long sleeve shirt in the summer?
    Or will I wear small t-shirts, which will make it hard to conceal a OWB holstered gun.

    So I don't know if I should go with inside the waist band or outside the waistband holster. I hear that OWB is more comfortable, so maybe I will try that out.

    I would like to open carry as much as I can get away with, and if people make a stink just conceal the gun, by putting my shirt over it. Or if I enter a casino or someplace where you pretty much can't open carry, I can conceal it quickly.

    So I am wondering if I should get a OWB holster, this way I can open carry and if needed, just put my t-shirt over it.

    I also don't know how easy a t-shirt goes over a holstered weapon.

    So what do you recommend?
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    The answer is yes. Get them both.

    This sight is for open carry so concealed isn't really discussed here.

    It's amazing how bad one can print and the sheeple don't have a clue. I have a Blackhawk serpa holster that is my OC holster. Does not hug the body at all. I will throw my work shirt over it and it looks like I'm carrying a brick on my side.

    When I conceal, I have a Kholster holster. It's a IWB much like the crossbread super tuck, without the dogma attached.

    If you haven't checked it out yet. Take a look at Nevada Shooters lots of gun related info.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sabotage70 View Post
    The answer is yes. Get them both.

    This sight is for open carry so concealed isn't really discussed here.

    OCDO is primarily and by design directed at OC, but CC questions are routinely answered and cheerfully so. Many of our converts come from the CC community. Personally, I don't get upset if you OC or not - what is most important is that you support the option, the choice.
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    I prefer the IWB for concealed carry. When I choose to conceal, I don't like to print or have a shirt ride up or anything. When I conceal, it is because I NEED it to be concealed during that time. So IWB (and/or boot) it is, usually behind the hip or a J-frame at the appendix, the latter is not as comfortable at times, but more secure.

    OC for me is always an OWB, and something that doesn't look sloppy in any way, which I feel an IWB for OC can more easily be, which is not to say that it is not okay to OC with an IWB.

    In the winter, I usually feel securely concealed with a good jacket over the OWB, but nothing lightweight enough for the summer would work for me and my thin frame.

    The fewer sidearms you have, the more holsters you need to give you carry options.
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    Here's a great option for warm weather deep concealed carry when the need arises.

    A Taurus TCP, a Ruger LCP, a Kel Tec P3AT, or a S&W Bodyguard will easily conceal in a quality pocket holster in your hip or side pocket.

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    I carried concealed for over 15 years now carry everywhere open. Holster questions always opens up a huge discussion with the end result what works for one does not work for the other.

    Here is my 2 cents. May be once a year I have a need to conceal. For concealing, I like the so-called bellyband. I carry a full size firearm inside the waistband when concealing. It works well during the summer too; allow one to wear the elastic waistband shorts with a loose fitting pull over shirt. The bellyband will support the concealed firearm all by its self. It does not need help from a belt. The drawback is re-holstering is not going to be quick. Takes the second hand to open the pocket to slip the firearm back in. I am of the opinion re-holstering while defending my life will be the last thing I will be worried about.

    In the over 15 years of concealing I have purchased several different types of conceal holsters and find the bellyband to be the best for me. I open carry as I said 99% of the time now and use a two-stage retention holster from blade Tech which has for the lack of better description a clamshell hinged beefy belt loop which can be unlatched opened and removed from the belt without having to undo the belt. When latched it is as secure as any other robust holster belt loop.

    I am not much of a casino visitor. After living in the area for 45 plus years, I have been in a casino. However, if going to be out on the town for a while I do take the bellyband with me in the vehicle as it rolls up into a small bundle. Depending on situation, if needing to change to CC, I may just detach the OC holster and pocket my 38 revolver. If I have time and if convenient, I will put the bellyband on.
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