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Thread: Walmart and Open Carry

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    Walmart and Open Carry

    I have been getting a lot of questions lately about Walmart and carrying unconcealed in a Walmart. There is, of course, nothing in the law preventing you from carrying in a Walmart as long as that Walmart does not explicitly forbid it (especially with a sign).

    Walmart's general corporate policy is the same as Starbucks, they have just not done the same job of promoting it. That policy is 'what is legal in the state is allowed in our stores'.

    A Walmart store of course does have the ability to exercise their private property rights and ask you to leave. If they do, you must legally leave the store.

    This seems to keep getting dredged up by people talking with store managers and such, but their corporate policy is clear. The only thing you can do is either point them to it and ask them to reconsider or not shop there anymore. Once you have been asked to leave and not carry there, it is not advisable to go back while carrying until the matter is resolved (preferably in writing) with the store manager.

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    I posted this twice since it is common question. This is what i just got from corporate Wal-Mart today Oct. 19th 2011 for future reference:
    Thank you for your message.

    Dear My Name,

    There is no policy against customers carrying their handgun in our stores as long as he/she is legally permitted by their state to carry the handgun.

    As a private property owner, Walmart has the authority to ask customers to remove their handgun or leave the store on a case-by-case basis if customers or Walmart associates express concerns about the handgun.

    For more information or further assistance, please contact your local stores management for assistance.

    Walmart Customer Care
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    While visiting my daughter at college in Michigan I went to a nearby Walmart. One of the employee's was carrying a 1911 in a SOB holster. I was tempted to tell him that his shirt had ridden up over his weapon and it was in plain view. It made me wonder about Walmart employee policy.

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    I would imagine that one could carry even w/o a permit to carry at walmart unless they tell you not to. Its private property, not public.

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