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Thread: Guns and Self Defense Study - Cato Institute

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    Guns and Self Defense Study - Cato Institute

    Here's something of interest I received today via email regarding Guns and Self Defense in the United States. I'm not a current member of the Cato Institute but find their topics enlightening.

    Plus an interactive map:

    Hope everyone finds this information of interest.

    I live in Florida and must carry concealed.


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    I have not read all of it as yet, but very interesting, I will finish reading this. The mere sight of me OC has stoped the dopers from walking thur my property.
    I am not a gun nut, nor am I a nut with a gun
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    The links you have shared with us have provided the most informative and objective information I have seen on this forum. It is neither state-specific, weapon-specific, race-specific, gender-specific or style of carry-specific. The authors did not restrict themselves to a single entity for their statistics, and when something was essentially 'extrapolated conjecture' based upon reported statistics, it was so stated. Thank you for sharing what should be 'must have' information in support of our rights under 2A! (I downloaded it) Pax...
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