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Thread: Anti-gun Democrat walks out, angry at pro-gun Republican

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    Anti-gun Democrat walks out, angry at pro-gun Republican

    See what happens when a freshmen Senator actually speaks his mind, thus offending a hypersensitive Leftist Democrat:

    Offended Senator Walks Out of Committee
    An exchange among senators on legislation that would change teacher’s contracts became uncivil Thursday, prompting one offended lawmaker to storm out of the Education and Health committee meeting.

    Sen. L. Louise Lucas, D-Portsmouth, took offense to remarks by freshman Sen. Thomas A. Garrett Jr., R-Louisa. Garrett had somewhat brusquely refuted comments by Sen. Richard L. Saslaw, D-Fairfax, regarding the pay of Virginia teachers.

    “I’m a purist,” Garrett said, looking down the panel toward Saslaw and the Democrats, including Lucas, seated on the other end. “If you people understood the constitution” you wouldn’t have a problem voting for the bill, he continued, according to senators on the panel, going on to explain that teacher pay was actually lower in Maryland.

    “I was going to vote against this legislation, but after being lectured by the most junior member of this body, I’m definitely going to vote against it,” Lucas said in response, addressing the committee chairman, Sen. Stephen H. Martin, R-Chesterfield.

    Moments later, Martin halted the hearing to admonish the committee, saying any member has the ability to “express their thoughts…no member has any more right to speak than another,” no matter how long they have served. Martin said the Senate also has specific rules “as to calling out a member as another did.”

    His remarks prompted Lucas to rise from her seat, walk toward Martin’s seat in the center of the panel and throw a copy of her proxy votes for future bills on the table in front of him. She then stormed out of the meeting, only to return at the end, by which time Garrett had left.

    Afterward, Lucas said she felt insulted by Garrett’s remarks. She said a number of senators approached her afterward to say that that they were inappropriate.
    "You people" -- really? What a whiner. I suppose "Uncle" Tom doesn't know his place.

    I'm Offended!!!!!
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    That particular bill concerns me because it doesn't leave the option to the local school boards. It takes away their authority to decide what kind of contracts to offer their faculty/teachers.

    I have been following this bill closely and am not sure they appreciate the potential unintended consequences it could produce.

    But Louise Lucas is a RAVING PROGRESSIVE and racist to boot. How dare some little white boy from out in the county challenge her big-city Chicago thug power trip!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Repeater View Post

    I'm Offended!!!!!

    Okay...get over it.
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    I think I am going to send her a bunch of coupons for Kleenex with the above article enclosed.
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    Remember this is the same lady who balked at the Republican takeover, saying that it was a sad day for Virginia and a return to Virginia's racist roots. I'm paraphrasing here. Since no Republican has submitted a bill to re-authorize slavery, she's got to get her drama in where ever she can. "You people," for reasons I am not aware, is a phrase associated with racism. But here in 2012 you should be able to say it in a sentence as long as the rest of the sentence is not racist.
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    I was going to vote against this legislation, but after being lectured by the most junior member of this body, I’m definitely going to vote against it,” Lucas said in response

    And the whole throwing papers and storming out thing...very mature for an adult to do. Yeaaaaah.

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    Herr Heckler Koch
    Seems to me that the President of the Senate should have intervened and protected the deliberative nature of the Senate. If a senator wants to be a drama queen then she needs to be in the lower house.

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    What if Tom Garrett said this?

    I think I would have preferred that he said this:

    “If you people obeyed the constitution” we wouldn’t have the problems with life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness that you people have caused us.

    Tom Garrett, Constitutional Conservative

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