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Thread: Misdemeanor charge and OC?

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    Misdemeanor charge and OC?

    Hello everyone. I'm new to the forum and was not able to find this info elsewhere. In June of 2010 I was charged with possession of marijuana in TN, I wont try to justify it, I am young and made a stupid mistake (recently graduated from university). The charges were dismissed and I took some additional steps to have my record expunged in TN. I wanted to know what effect this will have on me possessing and OC a handgun. From what I have gathered it should not have much of an effect on possessing one, but I am more unclear of the effect on OC? Does this charge qualify me as a "drug addict" or have any other effect on my legal status that could prevent me from legally OC? Let me know what you think

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    If Your Charges were Dismissed under Tennessee Law, then, that Indicates that The Arrest did NOT Result in a Conviction.

    As a Result, You are NOT Prohibited under Federal Law or Louisiana Law.

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