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Thread: Idaho Open Carry dinner this Thursday, Feb 16 at Darby's in Nampa

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    Idaho Open Carry dinner this Thursday, Feb 16 at Darby's in Nampa

    Votes are in and Darby's will be the place for our Third Thursday IOC Dinner on February 16 at 7:00pm at 112 13th Ave. S in Nampa (on their balcony). Bring your neighbors and your friends because Darby's balcony can hold 100.
    Terry Sylsby, a trainer for OC & CC, will be our guest speaker as he tells us how to identify possible attackers, when to draw, when to shoot and how many times to pull your trigger. Come join the discussion over dinner.
    Call or email and let us know if you plan to attend.
    Visit our forum at


    Only the good guys (and girls) Open Carry

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    A bowl of soup sounds good! C U there!
    I open carry because if a bad guy attacks me anyway, I am best prepared to respond appropriately, with minimal fuss, and my bearing of a firearm is not infringed by having to lift my shirt, pull back my jacket, or unzip some pouch. Forcing people to carry concealed is an infringement on the right to keep and bear arms.

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    Sounds fun ill try to be there this time.

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    So how was the Idaho Open Carry dinner? I was not able to attend but am still interested in more details.

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