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Thread: NJ> 2012 CCW Proposal (A-1493)

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    NJ> 2012 CCW Proposal (A-1493)

    NJ> 2012 CCW Proposal (A-1493)

    A-1493 for the Assembly and S-104 for the Senate to propose revisions to securing a permit to carry a handgun for the 2012-2013 Session.

    Since the link is FUBAR. Click the link, hit "Bills 2011-2013, then search by keyword... Bill A1493 is the reintroduction of the proposed bill A-1384 and S-69

    A1493 Revises procedures for securing a permit to carry a handgun.
    Law and Public Safety

    S104 Is the Senate Version of the bill

    Last Session Bill Number: S69
    Carroll, Michael Patrick S69
    Carroll, Michael Patrick as Primary Sponsor
    DiMaio, John as Primary Sponsor
    McHose, Alison Littell as Primary Sponsor
    Chiusano, Gary R. as Co-Sponsor
    Bucco, Anthony M. as Co-Sponsor

    [url=""]Rumana, Scott T. as Co-Sponsor

    It was introduced under a new number this year 1/10/2012 and referred the Law and Public Safety Committee. I am unaware of any petitions going around, but ther should be some type of joint venture to attempt to express our voices to the legislature. As for the bill, it is the same bill as proposed in the previous S.69.

    And for those that live in District 10 ( you can search your representatives on the sidebar to the left) For those living in:
    Bay Head, Brick, Island Heights,Lakehurst, Lavallette, Manchester, Mantoloking, Point Pleasant Beach, Seaside Heights,Toms River

    Republican Senator James W. Holzapfel happens to sit on the Law and Public Safety Committee charged with reviewing this bill. I would at least like to see a valiant effort by those in the area to call his offices and state your stance on S-104

    Republican Assemblyman Gregory P. McGuckin is also on the assembly's Law and Public Safety Committee and represents District 10 and shares the same office with the Senator above. .....A-1493

    852 Highway 70, Brick, NJ 08724
    Phone: (732) 840-9028

    (Reprinted with permission from "With permission, I'd like to post this (in its entirety) in the Activism Section on THR."
    " Posted Yesterday, 10:15 PM
    *Granted* Please feel free to distribute to any medium that will spread the word of a bill proposed to further our 2A rights." )
    __________________________________________________ _______________

    Detailed wording on the bill

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    Quote Originally Posted by Midwest View Post
    NJ> 2012 CCW Proposal (A-1493)
    Wow. How convoluted. As a technical writer, I'm massively pained by reading such utter waste of the written word.

    Here's a revision: "The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed."

    Oh, wait... I thought that already was the law of our land?
    The First protects the Second, and the Second protects the First. OO-RAH!!! Together, they protect the rest of our Bill of Rights and other founding documents.

    As for President Trump, he's getting the job done.

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    Quote Originally Posted by since9 View Post
    Wow. How convoluted. As a technical writer, I'm massively pained by reading such utter waste of the written word.

    Here's a revision: "The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed."

    Oh, wait... I thought that already was the law of our land?
    This won't even get out of committee. NJ has had an annual shall-issue bill for years now and it goes nowhere because the committees always have a rabid anti-gun chairperson who buries it.

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    ***Note to New Jersey***

    Both sides can play the same game (i.e. burying bills in committee, etc.)

    Why muster the pro-gun votes to pass such a convoluted bill? Seriously guys! If you can wait (patience) for SCOTUS to hold that the Second Amendment protects a fundamental right to carry outside the home then you instantly have some form of Constitutional Carry.

    But wait you say....the New Jersey legislature will just pass replacement legislation that is almost as bad, right? Not necessarily, not if you use that block of pro-gun legislators to OPPOSE any replacement bill. No replacement legislation would then effectively mean no permit required to carry outside the home.

    New Jersey's entire infrastructure of draconian gun control (based on outright statutory prohibition of the possession and carry of handguns - unless a special exception applies) can't really be squared with emerging Second Amendment jurisprudence and is all but destined to be rendered obsolete, null & void - eventually.

    Work hard at assembling a group of die-hard pro-gun New Jersey legislators who can block any replacement legislation once the inevitable 2A-applies-outside-the-home-decision happens!

    Incidentally, this is my advice to Illinois too! Let the 'complete ban' on carry outside the home be found unconstitutional and then fight like hell to make sure no carry licensing system is put into the former carry ban's place.

    It wouldn't really matter if the court decision left open reasonable regulations as it struck down a total ban so long as the 'reasonable' regulations never see the light of day.

    Good luck!

    P.S. Edited to add: You'll need a strong statewide Preemption bill passed (if New Jersey doesn't already have one - I'm guessing it does not), otherwise the above scenario won't play out well in practice as numerous localities will just by-pass the state legislature to set up their own restrictive carry licensing systems.
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