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    New to OC but wanted to give my input on a few Rugers that I have owned in the past year. The LCP (Lightweight copact pistol .380 cal) is a great back-up/ankle carry gun when no other options were available. The .380 rounds out these days still pack a decent amount of stopping power. It was very realiable for me and I had no major issues with this gun. The LCP was very small and could be carried in almost any carry position. I sold it to a friend and his wife currently carrys it everyday and loves it. The LC9 (Lightweight compact 9 mm) is an awesome EDC gun. It is very slim and has very few hard edges which allows the gun to be holstered and drawn very easily. One draw back of this firearm is that the guiderode is plastic and uncaptured to the recoil springs. This isn't a bad thing by any means but there are a few things that are noticable after use that concerned me. The LC9 was easily carried IWB, ankle, OWB, or even pocket carry. This gun is now my fiance's range and home protection gun. The SR9c (Sturm Ruger 9 mm compact) is my current EDC pistol. This gun is absolutely amazing! I feel like it took a handful of pistols to find one that I loved but it was definitely worth it. I haven't had a single issue with this gun so far (fingers crossed!) which makes me feel much beter about carrying it . I have put about 500 rounds through her. I recently upgraded to a steel guide rod wth 16lb recoil spring. I noticed a decent amount of change due to the guide rod and am still adjusting to certain aspects however, the benefits have already out weighed the costs. The SR9c is a double stack unlike the LCP and LC9, so the carry options are a little bit more slim. I have carried IWB, OWB, shoulder harness, and TD holster. I have gotten very comfortable with the SR9c and am very satisfied with Ruger!

    Attached are pictures of the SR9c and LC9 with my CRKT M21-04. The LC9 has a cerakote application on slide and all moving parts in upper and lower. The AR is my winter-time baby, S&W AR-15/22!
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    Nice. I have an SR40, and I love it! It's very easy to carry. I almost bought an LC9 with a CT laser, but went with a Taurus instead. How do you like it?
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