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Thread: Taurus 405?

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    Taurus 405?

    I have never been a big Taurus fan but their new revolver really caught my eye. The Taurus 405 is a 5 shot revolver chambered in 40 S&W! I know every caliber has its place and benefits but the 40 cal is my personal favorite. I would love to have one unified round for all of my carry guns. They are new enough I have not been able to find one to look at and there is not a ton of information out there about them yet. Anyone have any insight into the 405?
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    One of the attractive features of a revolver is that it's simple. The only basic thing that's changed with this revolver is the bore diameter and the cylinder which accommodates a cartridge that headspaces on the case mouth rather than the rim.

    Taurus makes good revolvers and the price/value ratio is very favorable.
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