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Thread: Starbucks Valentine's Day Reports

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    Starbucks Valentine's Day Reports

    Spent an hour each in the 3 Starbucks in Fayettevile that you can carry in. Non-events, as it should be. I saw no one else carrying in any of them; one guy came out of Target wearing a Zombie Killer shirt, so he may have been CC, and two OC security types were at the Harris Teeter deli. Only ones that even looked at the XDm was a couple to whom I gave a 2-for-1 coupon at the Target store (got it at the Harris Teeter).

    After 3 hot chocolates, a bagel, cookie, and nachos, I had to go home. The IWB CC LC9 was starting to feel like a Super Redhawk.

    An online report said that some religious groups were joining the boycott because guns and caffeine didn't mix either. I wonder if they're going to shun Pepsi and Coke next.

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    Carried in the Starbucks in Clemmons yesterday. Two other customers seemed to notice the piece. Handed the cashier my $2.00 bill and left. No problems. I have OC there many times before without incidence so I was not expecting anything.

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