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Thread: Two-Dollar Bills

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    Two-Dollar Bills

    Why not get a whole lot of two-dollar bills and pay for everything with them. telling everyone that we use two-dollar bills in support of the Second Amendment? How do we get this idea to the NRA? Maybe we can make this a national statement.

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    In other news: The FBI has issued a terrorism alert, warning businesses and individuals that terrorist now have a new favorite method of payment! Two dollar bills. Yes, you heard that right. Terrorists are now using two dollar bills as payments. The idea was sort of a password, a way to let other terrorists know who they are without arousing suspicion. Fortunately, the ATF quickly identified this new trend and has alerted the FBI.

    All jokes aside, seems like a good idea.

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    I actually plan on getting more $2 bills. IMO they're more useful than $1 bills, and they always make for a fun exchange with cashiers. Everybody loves Jeffersons!
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    Been using $2 bills (along with #1 coins) for tips until my favorite waitress begged me to stop. Still use them elsewhere - not so much as a RKBA meme as to just remind waitstaff that OCers (OK, me) are not violent nutjobs. They do seem to remember me.

    stay safe.
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