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Thread: CHP Privacy alert

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    CHP Privacy alert

    VCOG is putting a push to kill this so it might be good to remind your Legislator how you feel:

    ALERT: Currently, Virginia law says that the central database of concealed handgun permit applications is off-limits to the public, but the individual permits are available at the courthouse. That's GOOD because, when the government gets into the business of regulating or licensing an area, the public needs to see that the government's doing it right. We don't want them to tell us they're doing it right, we want to SEE FOR OURSELVES! HB 25 would make that impossible. HB 25 would say that you can't even see the permits at the courthouse or anywhere else to determine if the permits are being properly issued to people who meet the criteria, and not to the people who don't. The Senate Courts of Justice Committee will hear the bill TODAY. Call or write the members of the committee to express your opposition.

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    We trust the government to properly deny drivers licenses to bad drivers without any oversight (try going to the DMV and asking for a list of licensed drivers, see how hard they laugh). And that is a FAR more dangerous prospect than CHP holders.


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