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Thread: So Far I Like...

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    So Far I Like...

    Recently, I bought a Glock 21, and while I was at the gun store, I perused the selection of holsters there. Reading the labels on the packages (in stock) none were Glock specific, so I ended up going online, and chose a holster from the GlockStore. I bought an Uncle Mikes Law Enforcement open top kydex holster, for two reasons. 1. It was specifically made for my weapon, and it is a retention holster. 2. I have the option of using either a Belt Clip, or Paddle style configuration. I can also adjust the kant for my personal tastes, So far I haven't changed a thing on it, except which draw position I use while using the Paddle style configuration. I have easy access in either strong side draw, or cross draw. If I'm in the car, I use the cross draw (left side) placement on my jeans. Logically, it is easier to reach in a vehicle setting, since the seatbelt isn't in the way. I also like the way it feels when it is just clipped on my jeans waistband; no pinching, no retention issues when drawing (gun draws from holster without holster detaching from pants), no noticeable pressure point soreness, overall, a comfortable rig.

    I have yet to try with it rigged for the belt clip attachment, so far there has been no need to, since the Paddle seems to be fully adequate for me, so far I like this holster system!

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    GREAT! I'm glad you are happy with it. (Uncle Mike's certainly has a good price point) Pax...
    Glocks ROCK!

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