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Thread: Voice Recorder question

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    Voice Recorder question

    Ok as a Security Officer I have used a digital voice recorder for interviews/investigations in the past many times, however I have never carried a voice recorder running full time. Just got a new recorder tonight as my last one went belly up on me (got a Sony ICD-PX312). I would assume if you keep it in a pants pocket it would not pick up much and there is a risk of it getting turned off and I do not always wear shirts that have breast pockets. So the question is, where do you guys carry it? Belt clip? Lanyard around your neck? Stapled to your navel? lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ezerharden View Post
    Lanyard around your neck?
    This is where I carry mine, lanyard around neck, under shirt (you can't see it but it records fine). I shortened my lanyard up a bit, too.
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    cell phone case on belt, unless I have a heavy coat on, If so, it either goes in the front pocket, or on the leg drop in the cell phone case.

    *Tip. if you put it in the case upside down, it will take out most of the wind noise if its breezy.

    ETA I have a string tied through the lanyard loop attatched to the cell case. It has saved it from loss, and several drops.
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